2015 news: Sileng & Xinyi

        Foreign workers, Mr Subramanian and Mr Ponnan Muthukumar rescued a toddler whose head was stuck in between the rails of an external clothes drying rack. the incident happened on Thursday, Apr23 at around 1 PM at Jurong East street 32. They were alerted to it at 1.10 PM. They were awarded them the SCDF Public Spiritedness Awards for their bravery.

        I feel that this news deserves the cover of the time magazine because this piece of news shows the bravery and the helpfulness and kindness of the foreign workers. In my opinion, I feel that many Singaporeans dislike foreign workers. However this incident shows that they are not as bad as we think. When these foreign workers rescued the kid selflessly, it shows how the foreigners care about others even if they are not in their own country. Singaporeans should be more kind to foreign workers and stop discriminating them, and being racist. After all, the foreign workers helped us to build our building and facilities which benefits our country too. More people should know this brave act of these foreign workers and learn from them, be more helpful toward each other, living in the same country.

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