Introduction: Matthew & Hongyi

My name is Matthew and I was from 2H in 2015. Having played table tennis for 7 years, I am currently in the school's table tennis school team. I have been learning music since 3, and I play the electone. I also do cardistry (card flourishing) as a pastime, and really enjoy this art form as i feel that it is unique, reason being not many people know of this art. My favourite subject is English, and I really look forward to what will be taught during English lessons this year. 

I am Hongyi, and I was from class 2H last year. My CCA is St John Brigade and I enjoy it a lot. I enjoy watching variety shows and playing games on my phone. I am also good in badminton as it was my CCA in primary school. I am not a sociable person and I hope I can change that this year and make more new friends.


Jeremy Tay RVHS said...

Wow matthew your are so talented. Cardistry is cool too and you seem very good at it. Hope you will be able to help me in english in the future :)

Zhang Zeyu said...

Hi Hongyi, hope you become more sociable this year. Seems like you are also quite interested in badminton. I learnt it for a year and found it pretty enjoyable. Hope you can join it as a CCA 2 years later! K