Painting grass green by JOEL & Jinyi

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Workers from Chengdu's municipal landscaping department were caught painting the grassy roadsides with a fluorescent green spray called "Top Green Turf Greening Agent". The landscaping department dyed the grass in an attempt to make China look beautiful amongst the smog and pollution.  The "Greening Agent" is just a green dye and has been sold to the Chengdu government for the past five to six years. The dye lasts for 10 to 14 weeks and is not washed away by the rain.

I am amazed at the willingness of Chinese officials to go to such extreme lengths to beautify their country. I believe that the Chinese should stop resorting painting images of themselves as a great nation and to instead take actions to change their country for the better. Instead of spending money on upgrading facilities and improving the lifestyles of the Chinese, the government has instead spent money on projecting images of a beautiful nation to tourists. The Chinese should stop making their country artificial and make efforts to improve it naturally.


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SUMMARY: Some doctors argue that violent video games are not the cause of aggression and violence in children. They claim that majority of video games do not have negative content, and that assuming they are the root causes of violence is nonsense. They also claim that many people focus on the cons of gaming, but tend to neglect the positive effects of gaming, such as learning new skills and fighting illnesses.    

OPINION: In my opinion, I feel that video gaming is perfectly fine for children, as long as they take care not to be addicted and spend excessive hours playing, because video games played in moderation are beneficial. Most problems commonly associated with video gaming stem from violent video games targeted at a more mature adult audience. If parents blame video games for their violent content, they should have a look at the labels to have some knowledge of the game contents. Many parents allow their children to buy video games rated M18 for people aged 18 and above, therefore it is also partially their fault. I believe that as long as parents monitor their children, such problems can be avoided. If parents want to buy M rated games for their children, they should make a careful observation of their child's maturity level. If the child is mature enough and you trust him to not emulate any negative component of the game, by all means let him play the game. Research also shows that video games benefit children because they improve hand-eye coordination, spatial reasoning skills and so on. However, if video games are affecting your child's academic performance and/or you notice a change in character, I believe that it is necessary to strip him of his gaming time. After all, computer gaming is a privilege.