June Hol Blog (only for those who scored under 12/20 for essay test.) Read these articles then post in blog 1 para (for essay structure, not for RR) to answer to this Qn: Considering how land scarce Singapore is, should we set aside land for nature reserves? 

T2W8 Read the 3 articles & write 1 para (counterargument & rebuttal) to address this Qn: It is essential for children with disabilities to be integrated into our mainstream education system. DYA? Links :
Label: names, disability


Lifelong learning 

INFORM: (T2W2-3) Find an education article from one of these sites : KQED Education or Mindshift  or ST Education or BBCeducation   Read & submit: a link to it, a short summary & 1 PEEL para opinion of it. Label it "Education" and  "YourName&Partner"

Post your RR Tourism para (individually) by 8 March

EMPOWER - Valentine's day (Due 22 Feb)
Your team will be assigned an article from the list below. Identify 1 significant point in the article that you agree/disagree with. Write a 1 para post (80w) & label: yournames, Love

INSPIRE - Deadline Feb 1 : With your partner, agree on an exciting or impressive news event of 2015 that deserves front cover of the TIME or NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC magazine. Submit 1 Post to include the Link, Summary, Opinion (why it deserves Front Cover). See Sample. Remember to add 2 labels to your post : Your 2 names eg. yournames, 2015news

INFORM - Deadline: Jan 11: With your partner write a brief introduction of yourself (about 5 sentences). Remember to add 2 labels to your post : Your 2 names eg. Jinhui & Demi, Introduction

ENTERTAIN - Deadline  : With your partner, post a photo of your favourite artwork/music video/novel. Include a PEEL para on why that's your favourite. Label: yournames, Art

INFORM - Deadline  : With your partner, agree on an interesting piece of news on the impact of movies on gender identity. Post a summary & opinion. Remember to add 2 labels to your post : Your 2 names eg. Jyournames, Gender

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