Disability Xinyi & Nguwar

Integrating the disabled into mainstream schools require these schools to accommodate diverse learning styles which is both time consuming and challenging. The mental and physical limitations of the disabled require a lot of time and effort whereby schools may have to resort to regressive and detrimental measures, such as diluting standards for children with disabilities. As mentioned in TODAY news, observers say that takes time to train teachers and school staff to understand these children better
Singapore should not set aside land for nature reserves as it is not to Singapore's benefit to do so since there is severe lack of land in Singapore. The increasing population of Singapore would require more land space for a living no matter if it's used for housing or recreation purposes. Nature reserves are for protecting the natures from disappearing however, mature reserves occupy 10% of the land in Singapore and with 47% of the land in Singapore is greenery. Singapore should use the land more wisely and decide for the future, prioritise lands for economy, housing. With the plan to increase its population to a staggering amount of 5.5 million people, the government cannot but let people wonder about whether there are enough land for everyone living in Singapore.

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