Nature Reserves by Xinyan and Meixuan

Stand: Agree

  I agree that we should still set aside land for nature reserves despite the land scarcity problem we have here in Singapore. This is mainly because of our global issues such as extinction of wild animals and flora, and the need to preserve as much wildlife as possible for the good of the world. Singapore is the top worst environmental performer according to a proportional environmental impact index. Thus, it is important that we try to reverse the damage done by building more nature reserves even though the amount of land that we have is little.
  Our primary consideration is to prevent the destruction of indigenous flora and fauna. If we take into consideration the land scarcity, there will be a threat towards the nature of our clean and green country. The relocation will benefit our country greatly by preserving wildlife, and compared to that, the little issues such as longer train rides and higher cost will be too little to consider a problem.
  Hence, we should set aside land for nature reserves.

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