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I agree with the writer than puppy love is no longer taboo in China.  As stated in the article, parents are more willing to let their children be in a relationship. Their reason is because being in a relationship might not be a bad thing. This is contrary to previous believes of being in relationships too early being categorised as taboo, in which parents will be called up by the school when their children are in a relationship. Some examples of benefits from being in a relationship is the ability to have a listening ear, or maybe that might be able to help you in your studies. Despite that, those benefits can also be derived from having a good friend.

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Summary: Research shows that making love during teenage years may hinder their relationship with future partners as having a passionate and fulfilling first relationship may result in a boring and disappointing relationship with future partners during adulthood. However, contradicting study shows that some couples are able to last long despite seeking a well maintained relationship in their youthful  days.

Opinion:  One significant point that we agree on is that if you had a very passionate first relationship and allow that feeling to become your benchmark for a relationship dynamic, then it becomes inevitable that future, more adult partnerships will seem boring and a disappointment. As an expectation has been set, it will be difficult for one to not try to meet it. To find happiness with a future partner, they would have to lower their expectation and not try to replicate and compare with the first relationship. Also for future relationships to work, they should be calm and compose. 

Benchmark - a standard or point of reference against which things may be compared.
anthropologist -  people that practice anthropology, which is the study of humanity. 
inevitable - certain to happen; unavoidable 
Euphoria - a feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness.
Puppy love - intense but relatively shallow romantic attachment, associated with adolescents.

Valentine's Day: Keefe and WeiNing

One significant point from the article is the writer’s view on having puppy love. The writer feels that puppy love should be avoided as the euphoria felt in the first relationship would set a benchmark for the following relationships, making it less enjoyable. However I feel strongly that this topic is highly subjective to one’s definition of love and happiness. I believe also that the happiness and excitement felt in a relationship is dependent on how willing both parties are to give in and compromise. The feeling from the puppy love will not set a benchmark such that the future relationships would be unenjoyable. Psychological topics I feel, are very subjective and it really is dependent on the participants so Ido not agree with the writer and in my opinion we should enjoy life as it is and not restrict ourselves from life’s stages.

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We disagree that parents and guardians should reprimand and educate children when they are involved in puppy love. In our opinion, puppy love is just a phase in a teenager's growing years, and is quite normal for teenagers to endorse in. However, puppy love is only acceptable to some extent. Although completely restricting puppy love may reduce the risk of misconduct, one may still be able to indulge in a relationship in discreet,which makes no difference with or without the approval. But in the end, it all comes down to the decisions that the individuals make. And if the  individual decides to indulge in a sexual relationship with his/her partner, it's their decision of going through the risk of under-aged pregnancy, and ultimately their choice despite how others may choose to react to.Puppy love was even supported by some parents who foresees the gender ratio going to be unbalanced, afraid that their child may be single for his/her life.

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Summary of Article C:
  Loving at a young age can actually wreck people's life because of their inability to cope with emotional turmoil of their early relationship. Falling in love before the age of 17 has a significant impact on a child's vulnerability to depression and alcohol abuse.
  We feel that the point that the article is driving at is very true because at such a young age, we are not yet fully matured enough to be in a relationship because we are not able to handle heartbreaks well and this may lead to emotional distress. When that happens, our grades may drop significantly, causing even more distress as both parents and teachers have to step in and scold the kids. This may lead to depression and children may start hanging with the wrong crowd and pick up wrong habits like smoking or taking drugs illegally. Thier future would be ruined. Hence we feel that puppy love should not be allowed and we agree with the author.

Valentine's Day: Jize And Kianboon

Article A:
One significant point from this article that we both agree on is that a passionate first relationship can make those that follow seem unfulfilling. This could be due to the fact that once a person has had a passionate relationship, he/she would start to associate romance to the other party and divert his/her fullest attention to the person, and thus when they start another relationship, it could seem unfulfilling as they had already given their fullest commitment to their first relationship and the ones that follow may not seem committed enough. Thus, one should avoid teenage relationships and start a relationship only when they are sure that they have found their life long partner. 

Valentine's Day: Jayme & Rong Yan

Summary: Puppy love used to be a taboo in China as parents are afraid that early love would affect the children's studies and prospects negatively. Therefore, doctors emphasized on the need for meaning sexual education as children are maturing earlier sexually. Teachers would not involve themselves if their students are in a relationship, unless their grades are poor.

Opinion: We agree that the amount of homework the students have is overwhelming and that they should have emotional release because in our opinion, the students might be too stressed about their studies that they cannot focus and their results might drop instead of them acing puppy love causing their grades to drop. Puppy love might be able to let them feel more relaxed and less stressful and they may even be able to focus more and improve on their studies. 

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Article B:
We agree that it is good if one treats one's crush as one's role model. This is because when one has a crush, that person will tend to try to show his or her best side to his or her crush. This will then somehow force the person to improve himself or herself so that he or she will get noticed by his or her crush. This way, even though the feelings may not be mutual, but one’s crush will always be one's role model and one's motivation to constantly improve. This will be a positive influence for them and they would try to impress their crush constantly, and try to become better than before. Their grades will improve that way, and they will not lose out on study. Having a crush is thus a good factor for students when it pushes them to do better.

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Summary: NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) detected signatures of hydrated minerals on slopes where mysterious streaks are seen on the Red Planet. The lead scientist of NASA’s Mars Exploration Program at the agency’s headquarters in Washington said that it seemed the more Mars is being explored, the more we can learn how life could be supported and where there are resources to support life in the future.

Opinion: This is an interesting article that deserves to be on the headlines as humans have been searching for life in outer space for many years. Now that they have found water on Mars, they are more hopeful to finding life and possibly travelling there after a few more years. Water is essential for humans and all other living things to survive. Finding water on Mars is a great breakthrough for us humans.S

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Summary (Article C): Whether the attachment is real or to a much-kissed poster on a bedroom wall, falling head over heels before the age of 17 has a significant effect on a child's vulnerability to both depression and alcohol abuse. 

Opinion: One significant point that we agree on is that romance increases a girl's risk of developing symptoms of depression by up to a third. According the article, girls are more vulnerable to romances, and this might be a critical reason why some girls are found to be overly committed in a teenage romance. In the teenage years, many girls and boys do not seem to have a mature mindset and thinking. With girls being too engaged in a relationship would result in them feeling heartbroken in the end when both parties are unable to make wise decisions and sustain the relationship. Thus the feeling of being heart broken might land girls in a state of depression.

Valentine's Day : Xinyi & Sileng

              Socialogist said that the euphoria experienced by youths during a first love can make it more difficult to find happiness with a future partner. A passionate first relation can make those following seems  unfulfilling. Adults who take a calm, steady approach to finding love and do not try to replicate teenage excitement tend to be happier in later life. The solution is clear: if you can protect yourself from intense passion in your first relationship, you will be happier in your later relationships. Thus puppy love should be avoided.

          I agree with the writer that puppy love should be avoided. Firstly, teenagers are not mature enough to have a relationship as it will not last. It is different from adults having a relationship as adults have gone through more things than teenagers. Teenagers relationship is not the type that could last long as they don't think about the future, their relationship doesn't start with the mindset of living together for life. Furthermore, if they get hurt by their relationship at such a young age, they will be afraid to get into another relationship in the future. They will not appreciate love as much as they do if they have a relationship at a older age. 

Vocabulary : euphoria- happiness
                      Replicate- copy, repeat

Valentine's day : Adon and Amalyn

We both agree that young teenagers are unable to cope with the emotional turmoil of early relationships, therefore making it not suitable for them to start relationships at an early age. Having a relationship requires time, sacrifices, commitments and they must be able to handle the ups and downs. In our opinion, a teenager is not mature enough to understand the commitments that come with having a relationship, much lest keep their commitments. Should they suddenly break up during a relationship, they may not be able to cope with the stress either and this could lead to serious depression, something that is definitely not good for a young teenager.
We also think that teenagers should focus more on academics rather than relationships. At such a young age, relationships are very hard to maintain, so there is no point having one. These relationships may also affect your academics, blocking your pathway to success.

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Link: Ghost Sec, Anonymous hacks Islamic State website

Summary: A French hacker group by the name of Anonymous has declared war against the infamous extremist group, ISIS. They announced the declaration of war after the terrorist attacks in Paris, which left 129 dead and 300 more wounded. Experts have said that cyberattacks can have a tremendous impact.

Opinion: It is definitely a blessing that people are doing their part to fight against ISIS, interfering in the terror group's plan from doing more harm to people across the globe. From this article, we can clearly see the impact of technology in our lives. Traditional wars in the past only involved the use of weaponry and manpower, however what we witness from this article tells us a completely different story. Wars are now declared and brought online. What we see from the Ghost Sec's declaration of war on ISIS following the Paris attacks tells us that the virtual has also become a battlefield for some, as attacks by Ghost Sec members are starting to unfold, aimed to take down any website distributing any propaganda of the ISIS and funding the terror group.

By now, we might be harboring thoughts that the Ghost Sec are a praiseworthy group, having thwarted the IS's plans several times. In fact, a UK security minister even praised the work of the online hackers on 24 November. However, should we actually be in favour of what they are doing? Hackers have roamed the web for years, and their acts have essentially been deemed as a taboo for most web users. Their capabilities are extensive, enough to invade privacies of many individuals and eradicate their online presence. Are their actions morally correct? Are their actions honorable? These questions should be left pondering in your minds after reading this article. 

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English News Article Review
Charlie Hebdo Shooting 

In the past year, many tragic events have happened over the course of last year. 
But in my opinion, the Charlie Hebdo attacks a year ago deserve the front cover of the TIME magazine because firstly, it's a major event that deserve our attention and secondly, there are many takeaways and learning points from the shocking event. 
What happened was that Charlie Hebdo publishes a slightly insulting and offensive cartoon about Prophet Muhammad, though not over the top ; and fans appreciate their dark sense of humor and their satirical wits. In vengeance, the extremists come at their throat, killing 12 people in the bloody process.
  From this event, we can see that terrorism is getting increasingly rampant and this is not something that we can ignore or shrug off easily. It would be very complacent and na├»ve to think that we can still do whatever we like or want,just because we have the freedom of speech without considering about the consequences.  The main point that i wish to convey is that before we express ourselves, consider the consequences carefully. We need to step into the opposite's party perspective and view the matter. Freedom of speech is allowed, and welcome, but we do have to keep in mind that the audience is extremely huge, and not just limited to your intended one. In this case, it goes into dangerous territory as it portrays a bad image of the god that the extremists worship. And it unlike normal Islamics, the extremists have a view so twisted and wrong where non believers of their one true God will be executed. So when we do things, we need to be extremely careful, and sensitive topics such as Islam in the recent terrorist rampant world should be avoided. 
  By any way I do not mean that this incident's fault lied all in Charlie Hebdo and neither do i mean we need to cower under terrorism . On the contrary, we need to stand up against terrorism. Why are terrorists getting more and more arrogant recently? This is because, like their name suggests, they have successfully instilled terror and fear into all of us. Why do we need to be scared then , may i ask ? Fear is nothing more than the mentality of the weak. Unity however, is our strongest weapon and as long as we are unafraid, vigilant, and unified, nothing can come between us and break us apart.  We must fight back.