Valentine's Day:Jeremy and Zi jun

Summary of Article C:
  Loving at a young age can actually wreck people's life because of their inability to cope with emotional turmoil of their early relationship. Falling in love before the age of 17 has a significant impact on a child's vulnerability to depression and alcohol abuse.
  We feel that the point that the article is driving at is very true because at such a young age, we are not yet fully matured enough to be in a relationship because we are not able to handle heartbreaks well and this may lead to emotional distress. When that happens, our grades may drop significantly, causing even more distress as both parents and teachers have to step in and scold the kids. This may lead to depression and children may start hanging with the wrong crowd and pick up wrong habits like smoking or taking drugs illegally. Thier future would be ruined. Hence we feel that puppy love should not be allowed and we agree with the author.

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