Valentine's Day: Jolene and Shaoyi

Summary (Article C): Whether the attachment is real or to a much-kissed poster on a bedroom wall, falling head over heels before the age of 17 has a significant effect on a child's vulnerability to both depression and alcohol abuse. 

Opinion: One significant point that we agree on is that romance increases a girl's risk of developing symptoms of depression by up to a third. According the article, girls are more vulnerable to romances, and this might be a critical reason why some girls are found to be overly committed in a teenage romance. In the teenage years, many girls and boys do not seem to have a mature mindset and thinking. With girls being too engaged in a relationship would result in them feeling heartbroken in the end when both parties are unable to make wise decisions and sustain the relationship. Thus the feeling of being heart broken might land girls in a state of depression.

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