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Charlie Hebdo Shooting 
Link:  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/france/11331902/Charlie-Hebdo-attack-Frances-worst-terrorist-attack-in-a-generation-leaves-12-dead.html

In the past year, many tragic events have happened over the course of last year. 
But in my opinion, the Charlie Hebdo attacks a year ago deserve the front cover of the TIME magazine because firstly, it's a major event that deserve our attention and secondly, there are many takeaways and learning points from the shocking event. 
What happened was that Charlie Hebdo publishes a slightly insulting and offensive cartoon about Prophet Muhammad, though not over the top ; and fans appreciate their dark sense of humor and their satirical wits. In vengeance, the extremists come at their throat, killing 12 people in the bloody process.
  From this event, we can see that terrorism is getting increasingly rampant and this is not something that we can ignore or shrug off easily. It would be very complacent and naïve to think that we can still do whatever we like or want,just because we have the freedom of speech without considering about the consequences.  The main point that i wish to convey is that before we express ourselves, consider the consequences carefully. We need to step into the opposite's party perspective and view the matter. Freedom of speech is allowed, and welcome, but we do have to keep in mind that the audience is extremely huge, and not just limited to your intended one. In this case, it goes into dangerous territory as it portrays a bad image of the god that the extremists worship. And it unlike normal Islamics, the extremists have a view so twisted and wrong where non believers of their one true God will be executed. So when we do things, we need to be extremely careful, and sensitive topics such as Islam in the recent terrorist rampant world should be avoided. 
  By any way I do not mean that this incident's fault lied all in Charlie Hebdo and neither do i mean we need to cower under terrorism . On the contrary, we need to stand up against terrorism. Why are terrorists getting more and more arrogant recently? This is because, like their name suggests, they have successfully instilled terror and fear into all of us. Why do we need to be scared then , may i ask ? Fear is nothing more than the mentality of the weak. Unity however, is our strongest weapon and as long as we are unafraid, vigilant, and unified, nothing can come between us and break us apart.  We must fight back.

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