Valentine's Day : Xinyi & Sileng

              Socialogist said that the euphoria experienced by youths during a first love can make it more difficult to find happiness with a future partner. A passionate first relation can make those following seems  unfulfilling. Adults who take a calm, steady approach to finding love and do not try to replicate teenage excitement tend to be happier in later life. The solution is clear: if you can protect yourself from intense passion in your first relationship, you will be happier in your later relationships. Thus puppy love should be avoided.

          I agree with the writer that puppy love should be avoided. Firstly, teenagers are not mature enough to have a relationship as it will not last. It is different from adults having a relationship as adults have gone through more things than teenagers. Teenagers relationship is not the type that could last long as they don't think about the future, their relationship doesn't start with the mindset of living together for life. Furthermore, if they get hurt by their relationship at such a young age, they will be afraid to get into another relationship in the future. They will not appreciate love as much as they do if they have a relationship at a older age. 

Vocabulary : euphoria- happiness
                      Replicate- copy, repeat

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