Valentines Day :Chenxin&Nguwar&ZhuoYun

We disagree that parents and guardians should reprimand and educate children when they are involved in puppy love. In our opinion, puppy love is just a phase in a teenager's growing years, and is quite normal for teenagers to endorse in. However, puppy love is only acceptable to some extent. Although completely restricting puppy love may reduce the risk of misconduct, one may still be able to indulge in a relationship in discreet,which makes no difference with or without the approval. But in the end, it all comes down to the decisions that the individuals make. And if the  individual decides to indulge in a sexual relationship with his/her partner, it's their decision of going through the risk of under-aged pregnancy, and ultimately their choice despite how others may choose to react to.Puppy love was even supported by some parents who foresees the gender ratio going to be unbalanced, afraid that their child may be single for his/her life.

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