2015 News: Hongyi and Matthew

Link: Ghost Sec, Anonymous hacks Islamic State website

Summary: A French hacker group by the name of Anonymous has declared war against the infamous extremist group, ISIS. They announced the declaration of war after the terrorist attacks in Paris, which left 129 dead and 300 more wounded. Experts have said that cyberattacks can have a tremendous impact.

Opinion: It is definitely a blessing that people are doing their part to fight against ISIS, interfering in the terror group's plan from doing more harm to people across the globe. From this article, we can clearly see the impact of technology in our lives. Traditional wars in the past only involved the use of weaponry and manpower, however what we witness from this article tells us a completely different story. Wars are now declared and brought online. What we see from the Ghost Sec's declaration of war on ISIS following the Paris attacks tells us that the virtual has also become a battlefield for some, as attacks by Ghost Sec members are starting to unfold, aimed to take down any website distributing any propaganda of the ISIS and funding the terror group.

By now, we might be harboring thoughts that the Ghost Sec are a praiseworthy group, having thwarted the IS's plans several times. In fact, a UK security minister even praised the work of the online hackers on 24 November. However, should we actually be in favour of what they are doing? Hackers have roamed the web for years, and their acts have essentially been deemed as a taboo for most web users. Their capabilities are extensive, enough to invade privacies of many individuals and eradicate their online presence. Are their actions morally correct? Are their actions honorable? These questions should be left pondering in your minds after reading this article. 

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