2015 news: Sileng & Xinyi

        Foreign workers, Mr Subramanian and Mr Ponnan Muthukumar rescued a toddler whose head was stuck in between the rails of an external clothes drying rack. the incident happened on Thursday, Apr23 at around 1 PM at Jurong East street 32. They were alerted to it at 1.10 PM. They were awarded them the SCDF Public Spiritedness Awards for their bravery.

        I feel that this news deserves the cover of the time magazine because this piece of news shows the bravery and the helpfulness and kindness of the foreign workers. In my opinion, I feel that many Singaporeans dislike foreign workers. However this incident shows that they are not as bad as we think. When these foreign workers rescued the kid selflessly, it shows how the foreigners care about others even if they are not in their own country. Singaporeans should be more kind to foreign workers and stop discriminating them, and being racist. After all, the foreign workers helped us to build our building and facilities which benefits our country too. More people should know this brave act of these foreign workers and learn from them, be more helpful toward each other, living in the same country.

2015 news:ShaominandZeyu

Same sex marriage being legalized in the United States is what we think is the biggest news of 2015. It was on almost every headline worldwide, and social media was all about it when the news came out. The reason for this is because while many people are fine with this idea, most people often think being gay is wrong, and this could be because of religion, as some religions say that being gay is clearly wrong. However, some people just follow the rest into thinking that something like this just isn't right. Therefore, this caused an uproar in many people. In fact, this decision by the Supreme Court also brought many of us to realize that love is love, and one should not stop someone else into doing something that they want, just because of their religion or any other reason. While most people still disagree with this decision, it has definitely changed the mindset of many.

2015 news: Erika & Audrey

Summary: In a long-sought victory for the gay rights movement, the Supreme Court ruled by a 5-to-4 vote in June 2015 that the constitution guarantees a right to same-sex marriage. The decision, which was the culmination of decades of litigation and activism, set off jubilation across the country, the first same sex-marriages in several states. It came against the backdrop of fast moving changes in public opinion.

Opinion: I feel that this news deserves to be on the cover of a magazine because this piece of news on same-sex marriage is one of the biggest news of 2015. As the world changes, laws against homosexuals became loosened and more people are able to voice out their opinions. Although I personally do not revitalize gay marriages, I feel that every single person in this world should have the rights to love anyone and choose to marry whom. Nothing can prevent someone from loving another. Not gender, not age, not size or colour, It would be incredulous and unreasonable to do so. However, legalizing same sex marriages could open the flood gates. Many problems would arise. Gay couples will not be able to produce offsprings. Even if they adopt, their children would deprive of either father's or mother's love which is not healthy for a child's development. Also, our future generations will be strongly influenced by this, and there is a high possibility that there will be more and more gay couples in the future. Marriage is between two individuals of different sex and never the same. 

2015 news : Jeremy and ZiJun

Link for news : http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/singapores-founding-father-mr-lee-kuan-yew-dies-aged-91-at-318am-on-monday

The death of Mr Lee Kuan Yew has saddened many, including his son which is the prime minister, Mr Lee Hsien Long. Many actions are taken to honor his passing such as the 7-day mourning period and the flag needs to be at half-mast.

In merely fifty years, Mr Lee Kuan Yew demonstrated his prowess by changing Singapore from a third world country to a first world country, an impressive feat few would have achieved. I ask myself, why was Mr Lee such an outstanding leader? I watched videos of him making speeches and I soon knew the answer. Mr Lee did what he felt was the best for the country, despite people disagreeing with him. He was resolute and never gave up in times of adversity. He stood firmly with his beliefs and never once backed down. Mr Lee loved Singapore and was determined to make it into a metropolis we live in today. He once quoted,"I'm very determined. If I decide that something is worth doing, then I will put my heart and soul into it. The whole ground can be against me, but if I know it is right, I'll do it. That's the business of a leader." He made laws that many detested but still he went on with it. I feel that we should learn from Mr Lee. We should never back down to someone when we know what we are doing is for the good of the community. When we encounter problems,we must not run away from it as ultimately it will come back to haunt you. I am sure we will all miss Mr Lee but we must not be simply sitting around. We must continue Mr Lee's legacy and make Singapore flourish even more.

2015 News: Jaryl and Nicholas

Link to article: Barack Obama delays withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/oct/15/obama-delay-withdrawal-us-troops-afghanistan

Summary: President Barack Obama decides to delay the troop withdrawal of over 9800 troops in Afghanistan and has decided to leave 5500 troops remaining in Afghanistan beyond his departure from office in January 2016, due to worrying concerns of the still-weakened and fragile Afghan security forces, and possible repeat of what occurred in 2011, in which the then-rising Islamic State swiftly took over Iraq after US withdrawal.

Opinion: I think this article deserves to be on the front cover of TIME magazine, as it shows the importance of US forces in helping Afghanistan security forces as an alley, to claim back Afghan territory, and constantly fight against the Taliban. It is mentioned that Afghan forces are not yet ready to defend itself and require US military assistance in counter-terrorism, training and advising. This move is an opportunity for a stable and committed ally in the Middle East, that can partner with the US to help prevent the emergence of future threats. However, we feel that the US and other UN nations should put more ground troops in Afghanistan to support the Afghan forces in the war against the Taliban. If the Afghan forces were to lose Afghanistan to the Taliban, history might repeat itself like what happened after the Soviets left Afghanistan in 1991, resulting in the rise of the Taliban in 1994, and then the rule of the Taliban over Afghanistan from 1996-2001. Personally, I feel the need to help counter the Taliban forces. With the ever-so worrying reality about the Taliban forces getting stronger, as well as the fast-growing Islamic State militant group in the Middle Eastern region, the war on terror would require much more support in order for it to beaten. Other NATO countries, who also have their troops stationed in Afghanistan to help fight against the Taliban, have also decided to mirror the US’s extension of their troops there, and to continue with their efforts to train and advice Afghanistan forces.

2015 News: Keefe and WeiNing

Link to news article: US Supreme Court rules that Gay Marriages is legal nationwide


Summary of news article:

Plaintiffs asked for equal rights, and Anthony Kennedy said the constitution grants them these rights.
Barack Obama thinks this decision was a victory for America, and he said when all Americans are equal we are more free.
Some political people object to this decision, and said it was a decision that ignored the voices of thousands of people/out of control act of unconstitutional, judicial tyranny
But many hope that gay marriage would soon be a thing of the past and it wld be simply ‘marriage HAHA ’ in the future.

Personal Opinion:

I think this piece of news deserves to be on the front cover of the Time magazine. The legalisation of gay marriages was such a major news in 2015, and it caused an explosion lf retweets and posts on social media regarding the “Rainbow Marriage”.
Personally, I do not think that the legalization of gay marriages in the United State of America has a great impact on us. I feel neutral towards it, in the sense that I do not think it will affect me, thus legalising it or not, I do not feel anything towards it. However, based on the reaction of people living in the United States, everybody seems to have their own set of principles on this issue. From a debate website, is is voted that 78% of the people said “Yes” to legalising gay marriages, while only 22% of votes belonged to the “No” section. The majority of the reasons to legalising gay marriages include, “It is safe and natural”; “Marriage is a human right”; “Homosexuality is a Life Choice”; etc. While people who reacted strongly to disagreeing the legalisation said that “It is unnatural”; “It has devastating effects on children”; etc. However, although this legislation has not directly affected us Singaporeans, I believe it might soon hit on us. The United States of America is world leading country, such a major decision would impact us sooner or later. All that I would say is that I truly believe people have their own human rights and choices to make in their lives, but, should this decision and choice affect the people surrounding that person, it should thus be reconsidered.

2015 news: Chenxin, Nguwar and Zhuoyun

Link: Epson Develops the World's First Office Papermaking System

Summary: Seiko Epson develops the world's first office papermaking system that turns waste paper into a variety of new paper, shortening and localizing the paper recycling process in the office. In addition to convenience, this high-speed production of paper provides various benefits to the environment. This machine not only greatly reduce the environmental impact from transporting paper waste and new recycled sheets back and forth, it also eliminates the use of water in paper recycling by a dry process.

Opinion: This article is deserves to be on the front cover as this invention has made a huge step forward in recycling to help the degrading environment. Although recycling paper help reduce deforestation, it on the other hand contributes to the emission of carbon dioxide gas through transport and wastage of water during the recycling process, which is one of the top few environmental impacts we are facing today. Since paper is commonly used in offices, I strongly believe that this will be a revolutionary machine for it reduces the time and money spent on paper recycling and improve environmental performances, providing a great way to stimulate office recycling.

2015 news: Jayme & Rong Yan

Link to news: Singaporeans around the world celebrate SG50

Summary: In 2015, Singaporeans all over the world came together to celebrate SG50. Even Singaporeans who are in other countries during that period of time gathered together in the different countries and celebrated SG50 with the local people in that country. Events were held on the 9th August to celebrate Singapore's Golden Jubilee year.

Opinion: In my opinion, I think that was worth the hype and celebration and definitely worth to be on  the front cover of TIME magazine. As the years went by, Singapore transformed and improved in many different ways, whether it's our society or economic. It is definitely an occasion that is worth celebrating. Singaporeans should be proud of this occasion, and meanwhile also be appreciative of what we have now as Singapore went through many problems and difficulties to come to where we are now. It's a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, and this Golden Jubilee Year was definitely a moment that's worth remembering in the history of Singapore.

2015 news: Jize and Kianboon

Link: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2016/01/160128-zika-virus-birth-defects-brian-damage-history-science/

Scary new viruses emerge abruptly in our modern world, provoking stark headlines and demands for bold government action, but in most cases the causes are complex and have developed unnoticed for a long period of time. That’s true again for Zika, a virus unknown to most people until recent days, which is now suddenly spreading explosively and being deadly to humans. These viruses are not due to bad luck, but on the contary, due to the things that we do as a modern society. Traveling and transporting things quickly around the globe while having babies to the point where there are 7 billion of us on this planet makes us an irresistible resources to viruses that can adapt to preying upon us.

The thought that such deadly viruses, capable of causing widespread illness, could develop unseen by the human eye to the point when we cannot cure them with our current level of medicine, is quite scary. What is also particularly interesting about this article is how we have apparently brought such life threatening illnesses upon ourselves. The huge advancement in technology over the past decade have given us a much better life, with increased convenience in almost every aspect. The ability to quickly transport goods or to travel ourselves all across the globe in a matter of hours is one such example, but could these advancements in technology actually have led to our demise? At the cost of convenience, could we have also given the viruses convenience as well, allowing them to easily spread to all corners of the globe and infect many major regions at once? It is a scary thought, and one that we must accept. This fact has not gone unnoticed however, as in the current society, more and more governments are rapidly trying to clamp down on the spread of viruses, from spot checks at airports and needing to have a letter from your doctor if you are ill stating that you are well enough to board the plane and fly to another country, which shows that they have knowledge on this and are trying their best to stop it. Thus, we feel that this article should be on the front page due to how interesting and thought provoking it is, along with the fact that it should be made known to the public, so that more people can understand that this is happening and take the necessary precautions to prevent such viruses from spreading even further.

2015 news: Adon and Amalyn

Link : www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-29052144

The Islamic State, consisting of a group of terrorits, was formed in june 2014. They wanted to establish a caliphate governed by islamic law. One of their most recent attacks include the Paris bombing.

I think that this article should be on the headline news as we must raise awareness to this important issue. This regards the safety of every person. All governments should work together in defending the countries from this group. The more people that know about this issue, the more awareness it can raise, keeping them alert and safe.

2015 News: Xinyan and Meixuan

South Pole explorer dies in record attempt
Henry Worsley, a 55-year-old British ex-army officer and veteran polar explorer, has died in his attempt to become the first person in history to cross the Antarctic continent solo, unsupported, and unaided. Worsley was attempting to complete the route proposed by Ernest Shackleton during the ill-fated Endurance expedition, which celebrates its centennial this year. He had been on the ice alone for 71 days, covering 913 miles, and was suffering from exhaustion, dehydration, and severe stomach pains when he called for a rescue only 30 miles from his destination on the edge of the Ross Ice Shelf.
I feel that this article deserves on the front cover of the national geographic magazine. This was because his actions were honourable. He deserved people’s praises because he was brave enough to try and tackle such a challenge all by himself,without needing extra support or guidance despite his age. Many of us in the younger generation would fear to give new challenges a try. However, this man was daring, and would risk his life just for the sake of being able to break the records, and also, be an inspiration for many. However, I believe that there is a limit to how much one can push itself forward. When we realize that we will not make it before time, I think that we should just turn back and stop continuing the journey lest it fails. Failure could be the solution to our future problems but it could also be the end to our current problem. Thus, we should not push ourselves too far and cause damage to our body and health, such as resulting in death in some cases like these. Such bravery is worth praising but also a lesson to be learnt. There is no need to go this far in order to feel accomplished. Another thing that is worth mentioning is his attitude. He obviously knew that scaling a mountain himself, without extra support or guidance, would be a very hard thing to accomplish. He could have been like the rest of us, not daring to make the first step due to the difficulties that we know we would face due to us making the first move. However, he wanted to try something that people wouldn't try or even think of. This shows that he dares to fulfil his goal and not just be all talk and no action. This also shows that he is sincere and has passion towards pursuing his dream. This article will inspire people to be just like him and we could learn from him by going towards our goals no matter how hard they may seem in the beginning and knowing what obstacles we'll face. Through this, he also showed persistence as like what I've said above, even though he knew that he has a very Low chance of succeeding, he still wanted to make it as far as possible. This also acts as a source of motivation and inspiration for us as if he can bravely pursue his goal, why can't we do it too?

Self introduction- Amalyn and Adon

My name is Amalyn Leong. I was originally from an all girls primary school (CHIJ). For the first two years in primary school I was in ballet, the next two I was in girl guides, the last two I was in a tennis school team. In secondary one, I joined choir as I was never given a chance to sing in Primary School. An interesting fact about me is that I was an Av Monitor for 6 years (primary 3- secondary 2). However, I have decided to become a treasurer this year instead as I wanted to try something new.

Adon: Well, to start a simple introduction of myself, I am Adon Yap and I was from 2I last year. I am better at my mathematics and sciences than my languages and humanities. I definitely also hope that I will become more vocal and open with people I do not know well. My hobbies are swimming and cycling, or anything related to sports, and I enjoy gaming too. I might be a bit forgetful occasionally about homework and end up leaving a sour impression on my teachers, which is something I try very hard not to. I hope that in time to come, I will be able to do better in my languages and humanities, excelling in my maths and science at the same time.

Introduction: Royston and George

Hello! I'm Royston How from 3I. My CCA is the Concert Band and i'm in the Percussion section. I wouldn't say i have any particular hobbies but i usually swim or watch tv during my free time. I really love eating and sleeping too! I love Japanese food, especially sushi and ramen. I have a family of four and i have an older brother, which makes me the youngest! At the end of 2016, i hope to be a more self-disciplined person with better time-management and social skills. 

My name is George Lee. I am in Table Tennis and this year, I hope I wont be thrashed by RI as badly as before. I like Star Wars a lot. I like beef a lot. I like beef noodles (牛肉拉面) be it braised (红烧)or Halal (清蒸). I love steak, be it chicken or beef. I love vegetables equally, and I am not picky in the slightest. I will turn 15 this year. Sorry for being lame.

Introduction: Xinyi&Sileng

      My name is Hao Xinyi, I'm 15 years old this year. I was from class 2E last year and myCCA is Floorball. I have one older sister and brother. I'm from China and came to singapore at the age of 7. I really like to sleep in my free time.

       My name is Sim Si Leng, I'm 14 years old and I'm a returning Singaporean from China. I like to watch TV series and sing. At the same time I also like to analyze the motive and intentions for those characters behave because I love psychology. I love all things about Korea including singers, culture and language. I would love to make friends with people who can have common interests like me.

Introduction: Jaryl & Nicholas

My name is Jaryl and I was from 2D. My CCA is Infocomm Club, and I enjoy this CCA not only because it has become a hobby to me, but also of the many memorable experiences gained with both seniors and juniors at previous competitions. I enjoy playing sports during my free time, especially during my holidays, where I indulged in playing frisbee and bowling. River Valley High School has helped me grow up and mature, in terms of being independent and being responsible for my own actions. I have also learnt how to better develop my social skills with the people around me.

My name is Nicholas and I was from 2A. I really miss 2A and I am unfamiliar with this class. My CCA is NCC and I enjoy it. My favorite sport is soccer and i play it every week. I love gaming and my favorite games are Counter-Strike and Fifa.

Shaomin & Zeyu

Introduction: Shao Min and Zeyu.
Shao Min:
My name is Shao Min and I was from class 2H. I have 2 older brothers and my CCA is volleyball. I like to play soccer during my free time. I have been playing soccer since primary 1 so I've played it for almost 8 years plus.My favorite color is white but I do like black as well. My favorite food is lamb steak although my family members do not like the taste of lamb.

Zeyu:  My name is Zeyu. I was from 2C last year and my CCA is St John. My favorite color is green and my favorite food is Chicken Rice. I enjoy playing video games and I have been playing the piano since primary 2. My favorite, also my strongest subject is physics, while my weakest is Chinese and Math

Introduction Erika&Audrey

Audrey: Hello, my name is Audrey Yeo. I am from 2H last year. My CCA is Chinese Orchestra and I play the DaRuan.  I am previously from Rulang Primary School and I have 2 siblings, my brother and sister, who are both older than me. I came to River Valley High School because my house is nearby and many of my ex-classmates were planning to enroll in here. I did not regret my choice as I met many new friends and created lots of happy memories. This year I would like to make more new friends as I feel that I am a very awkward person and do not get along with many people.

Erika: I am Erika Ong, I was from class 2G. My cca is Chinese Orchestra. I was from Henry park primary school. My hobbies are reading and swimming, I started swimming from the age of 5. My favourite subject is mathematics even though mathematics is not my best subject. I am awkward around new people but I hope I can make new friends this year

Introduction: Ji Ze & Kian Boon

My name is Li Jize from class 3I, previously from 2G, and I am 15 years old. My CCA is NCC and I like it a lot as I have made many friends through the CCA sessions. I enjoy playing games on the iPad and on the laptop, as well as going out with friends on trips around Singapore. I tend to not communicate in class, but when I will talk with close friends more when class is over. Since my grades are quite pathetic, I really want to work harder this year and achieve better results.

Kian Boon:
My name is Tan Kian Boon from 3I in the year 2016, and was from class 2J the previous year. Some of my hobbies include reading, playing online games with friends and going out on trips to areas of singapore when we get bored at home. My cca is NCC and I love it. It offers many interesting and exciting activities to participate in along with many leadership roles. I also like it for my friends that I have gained through the cca, as we have a lot in common and love to go in adventures together outside of school. For this year, I hope to acheive better results, particularly in chinese and maths, as I am wet weak in those subjects. I will acheive this by working harder and ensuring that I recap the information consistently throughout the year to ensure that I do not fall behind in studies and that I will perform well for my tests and exams. 

Introduction : Chenxin, Nguwar and Zhuoyun

Chen Xin :Hello. My name is Chenxin, and I'm previously from 2F. My CCA is Chinese Orchestra and I like to read during my spare time. Different from majority of the class, I take English Literature as my humanity of choice, and I have an elder brother who is 8 years older than me, and he is studying overseas currently.

Nguwar:I am Nguwar Myint and I am from 2C the previous year. I am from choir and I have been in choir for around 6 years. My interests are drawing and swimming. I have a strange obsession and fascination with whales and mountains. I enjoy small talks with friends and I hope to meet new people and make new friends this year.

Zhuoyun: Hi, I am Zhuoyun and i am from 2F in 2015. I am from the Chinese Orchestra and reading is indeed one of my favourite hobbies. My subject combination is Physics as the science subject and Chinese Literature as my humanities subject, which differs from most of the students in the class who take geography. I like to deal with DIY work and transports.

Introduction: WeiNing & Keefe

Introduction: Keefe& WeiNing

Hi im weining from class 3I, my formal class was 2F and i really love this class. I am from badminton and this is my seventh year in this sport. I cant exactly say i love the game, but it does keep give me the sense of accomplishment every time i complete a day worth of training. And i had double ccas in primary school, one being badminton and the other being girls brigade, i currently am still serving as an anchor in this cca, and its my ninth year already. What i do during my free time is just to laze around all day, and looking through social media to catch up on what I have missed.

Hi my name is keefe from 3I, my former class was 2F as well. I'm in the basketball cca and I too have been playing basketball for 7 years. I'm not exactly sure how I picked up the hobby of basketball, I'm pretty confident that it was instinct and being able to stick to basketball for 7 years, I think that definitely shows how much I love this sport. I like to go out and have a little bit of exercise by playing basketball or simply watching variety shows and laze around during my free time. Although I have a habit of procrastinating, I still try my best to be organized and finish what I have to before doing what I want to.

Introduction: Matthew & Hongyi

My name is Matthew and I was from 2H in 2015. Having played table tennis for 7 years, I am currently in the school's table tennis school team. I have been learning music since 3, and I play the electone. I also do cardistry (card flourishing) as a pastime, and really enjoy this art form as i feel that it is unique, reason being not many people know of this art. My favourite subject is English, and I really look forward to what will be taught during English lessons this year. 

I am Hongyi, and I was from class 2H last year. My CCA is St John Brigade and I enjoy it a lot. I enjoy watching variety shows and playing games on my phone. I am also good in badminton as it was my CCA in primary school. I am not a sociable person and I hope I can change that this year and make more new friends.

Introduction: Jayme&Rong Yan

Jayme: My name is Jayme and my CCA is Girl Guides. My favourite number is 7. My favourite food is chocolate.  I listen to more Chinese songs than English songs and I like to watch both Korean and Chinese variety shows and also dramas. I hope that I can work well with my classmates this year.

Rong Yan: My name is Jheong Rong Yan and my CCA is concert band. I have been in band since primary two, and have been playing the French horn ever since. I am the youngest in my family and I have two older siblings. I like watching movies and anime when I have the free time. I have very bad time management therefore I would like to improve on it this year.

Introduction: Xin Yan & Mei Xuan

Xin Yan:
My name is Xin Yan, and I am originally from class 2E. My previous school is Rulang Primary School, same as my older brother who is now in ACS(I). My hobby is to draw on my tablet or doodle on paper in my free time, and play computer games. I love eating lemons and spicy food, and occasionally I watch anime or Korean variety shows to pass the time. I hope that I can make more new friends who are sociable and quirky by slowly getting to know everyone.

Mei Xuan:
I am Fua Mei Xuan and I was in the very fun class 2A last year. My CCA is Girl Guided, which I enjoy a lot. My primary school was Concord Primary School in Choa Chu Kang and it's very close to my house. My hobbies are drawing or sketching, reading and listening to music. When you first get to know me, I will be very shy and awkward. However, once you get to know me, I'm a totally different person. :D

Introduction; Jeremy & Zi Jun

Jeremy's and Zijun's Self introduction

My name is Jeremy Tay from class 3I. My register number is 26. My Co-Curricular Activity is Badminton. My hobby watching anime and reading manga but i also enjoy reading the newspaper as i am interested with the issues happening in the world. I have been told to read the newspaper since young as my parents wanted my to have a good habit of reading the newspaper. I also find that reading newspaper helps us in our studies as GP needs knowledge about things happening in the world too which is why reading newspaper is very helpful.

My name is Yeoh Zi Jun and i am from National Cadet Corps. I enjoy my cca very much because it provides me with opportunites to try out new activities such as sports climbing. My hobby is sleeping,eating and gaming. I also like reading books such as harry potter. I was from jurong west primary school which is a neighbourhood school but i enjoyed my time there very much.

Introduction: Jolene and Shaoyi

I am currently in River Valley Girl Guides and I enjoy the time I spend in this CCA even though getting scolded at by our seniors is inevitable. I took up swimming as a hobby ever since I was four and thus explaining my tanned appearance. However, as the year goes by, the workload in school gets heavier and I hardly ever have the time to swim anymore. I also have a brother whom is two years younger than I am. Coming to River Valley High School is a choice I do not regret because it is here that I have met friends and created wonderful memories that would most likely stay with me for the rest of my life.

My name is Xu Shaoyi and my CCA is Girl Guides. I do not have a particular hobby but I enjoy watching movies and sleeping without an alarm to wake me up. Although I do not have a hobby, I have been playing badminton with my father since I was in Primary 4. I also have a younger sister that is currently in Primary 3. Coming to River Valley and joining Girl Guides as my CCA has allowed me to make many more friends that have brought happiness and joy to my life.