Introduction Erika&Audrey

Audrey: Hello, my name is Audrey Yeo. I am from 2H last year. My CCA is Chinese Orchestra and I play the DaRuan.  I am previously from Rulang Primary School and I have 2 siblings, my brother and sister, who are both older than me. I came to River Valley High School because my house is nearby and many of my ex-classmates were planning to enroll in here. I did not regret my choice as I met many new friends and created lots of happy memories. This year I would like to make more new friends as I feel that I am a very awkward person and do not get along with many people.

Erika: I am Erika Ong, I was from class 2G. My cca is Chinese Orchestra. I was from Henry park primary school. My hobbies are reading and swimming, I started swimming from the age of 5. My favourite subject is mathematics even though mathematics is not my best subject. I am awkward around new people but I hope I can make new friends this year

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Sim Si Leng said...

Hi Audrey, from your introduction I think your friends are all really important to you! Hope we can be friends too and have more fun and nice memories!!! ;)