2015 News: Keefe and WeiNing

Link to news article: US Supreme Court rules that Gay Marriages is legal nationwide


Summary of news article:

Plaintiffs asked for equal rights, and Anthony Kennedy said the constitution grants them these rights.
Barack Obama thinks this decision was a victory for America, and he said when all Americans are equal we are more free.
Some political people object to this decision, and said it was a decision that ignored the voices of thousands of people/out of control act of unconstitutional, judicial tyranny
But many hope that gay marriage would soon be a thing of the past and it wld be simply ‘marriage HAHA ’ in the future.

Personal Opinion:

I think this piece of news deserves to be on the front cover of the Time magazine. The legalisation of gay marriages was such a major news in 2015, and it caused an explosion lf retweets and posts on social media regarding the “Rainbow Marriage”.
Personally, I do not think that the legalization of gay marriages in the United State of America has a great impact on us. I feel neutral towards it, in the sense that I do not think it will affect me, thus legalising it or not, I do not feel anything towards it. However, based on the reaction of people living in the United States, everybody seems to have their own set of principles on this issue. From a debate website, is is voted that 78% of the people said “Yes” to legalising gay marriages, while only 22% of votes belonged to the “No” section. The majority of the reasons to legalising gay marriages include, “It is safe and natural”; “Marriage is a human right”; “Homosexuality is a Life Choice”; etc. While people who reacted strongly to disagreeing the legalisation said that “It is unnatural”; “It has devastating effects on children”; etc. However, although this legislation has not directly affected us Singaporeans, I believe it might soon hit on us. The United States of America is world leading country, such a major decision would impact us sooner or later. All that I would say is that I truly believe people have their own human rights and choices to make in their lives, but, should this decision and choice affect the people surrounding that person, it should thus be reconsidered.

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