2015 News: Jaryl and Nicholas

Link to article: Barack Obama delays withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/oct/15/obama-delay-withdrawal-us-troops-afghanistan

Summary: President Barack Obama decides to delay the troop withdrawal of over 9800 troops in Afghanistan and has decided to leave 5500 troops remaining in Afghanistan beyond his departure from office in January 2016, due to worrying concerns of the still-weakened and fragile Afghan security forces, and possible repeat of what occurred in 2011, in which the then-rising Islamic State swiftly took over Iraq after US withdrawal.

Opinion: I think this article deserves to be on the front cover of TIME magazine, as it shows the importance of US forces in helping Afghanistan security forces as an alley, to claim back Afghan territory, and constantly fight against the Taliban. It is mentioned that Afghan forces are not yet ready to defend itself and require US military assistance in counter-terrorism, training and advising. This move is an opportunity for a stable and committed ally in the Middle East, that can partner with the US to help prevent the emergence of future threats. However, we feel that the US and other UN nations should put more ground troops in Afghanistan to support the Afghan forces in the war against the Taliban. If the Afghan forces were to lose Afghanistan to the Taliban, history might repeat itself like what happened after the Soviets left Afghanistan in 1991, resulting in the rise of the Taliban in 1994, and then the rule of the Taliban over Afghanistan from 1996-2001. Personally, I feel the need to help counter the Taliban forces. With the ever-so worrying reality about the Taliban forces getting stronger, as well as the fast-growing Islamic State militant group in the Middle Eastern region, the war on terror would require much more support in order for it to beaten. Other NATO countries, who also have their troops stationed in Afghanistan to help fight against the Taliban, have also decided to mirror the US’s extension of their troops there, and to continue with their efforts to train and advice Afghanistan forces.

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