Introduction: Jolene and Shaoyi

I am currently in River Valley Girl Guides and I enjoy the time I spend in this CCA even though getting scolded at by our seniors is inevitable. I took up swimming as a hobby ever since I was four and thus explaining my tanned appearance. However, as the year goes by, the workload in school gets heavier and I hardly ever have the time to swim anymore. I also have a brother whom is two years younger than I am. Coming to River Valley High School is a choice I do not regret because it is here that I have met friends and created wonderful memories that would most likely stay with me for the rest of my life.

My name is Xu Shaoyi and my CCA is Girl Guides. I do not have a particular hobby but I enjoy watching movies and sleeping without an alarm to wake me up. Although I do not have a hobby, I have been playing badminton with my father since I was in Primary 4. I also have a younger sister that is currently in Primary 3. Coming to River Valley and joining Girl Guides as my CCA has allowed me to make many more friends that have brought happiness and joy to my life.


jheong rong yan said...

Hey Jolene! What a coincidence, I used to swim too!

Keefe Yong said...

Hey Shaoyi! I enjoy watching movies and sleeping without an alarm as well.