Introduction: Jayme&Rong Yan

Jayme: My name is Jayme and my CCA is Girl Guides. My favourite number is 7. My favourite food is chocolate.  I listen to more Chinese songs than English songs and I like to watch both Korean and Chinese variety shows and also dramas. I hope that I can work well with my classmates this year.

Rong Yan: My name is Jheong Rong Yan and my CCA is concert band. I have been in band since primary two, and have been playing the French horn ever since. I am the youngest in my family and I have two older siblings. I like watching movies and anime when I have the free time. I have very bad time management therefore I would like to improve on it this year.


Jolene Teo said...

Hi Jayme, my CCA is Girl Guides too! And it is a shame I got your favorite number as my register number !!

Xu Shaoyi said...

Hey Rong Yan, I have very bad time management too, hope that we can improve together this year!

Royston How said...

Hi jayme, what a coincidence! I also prefer listening to chinese songs too!