2015 news: Chenxin, Nguwar and Zhuoyun

Link: Epson Develops the World's First Office Papermaking System

Summary: Seiko Epson develops the world's first office papermaking system that turns waste paper into a variety of new paper, shortening and localizing the paper recycling process in the office. In addition to convenience, this high-speed production of paper provides various benefits to the environment. This machine not only greatly reduce the environmental impact from transporting paper waste and new recycled sheets back and forth, it also eliminates the use of water in paper recycling by a dry process.

Opinion: This article is deserves to be on the front cover as this invention has made a huge step forward in recycling to help the degrading environment. Although recycling paper help reduce deforestation, it on the other hand contributes to the emission of carbon dioxide gas through transport and wastage of water during the recycling process, which is one of the top few environmental impacts we are facing today. Since paper is commonly used in offices, I strongly believe that this will be a revolutionary machine for it reduces the time and money spent on paper recycling and improve environmental performances, providing a great way to stimulate office recycling.

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