Introduction; Jeremy & Zi Jun

Jeremy's and Zijun's Self introduction

My name is Jeremy Tay from class 3I. My register number is 26. My Co-Curricular Activity is Badminton. My hobby watching anime and reading manga but i also enjoy reading the newspaper as i am interested with the issues happening in the world. I have been told to read the newspaper since young as my parents wanted my to have a good habit of reading the newspaper. I also find that reading newspaper helps us in our studies as GP needs knowledge about things happening in the world too which is why reading newspaper is very helpful.

My name is Yeoh Zi Jun and i am from National Cadet Corps. I enjoy my cca very much because it provides me with opportunites to try out new activities such as sports climbing. My hobby is sleeping,eating and gaming. I also like reading books such as harry potter. I was from jurong west primary school which is a neighbourhood school but i enjoyed my time there very much.


Lee Shao Min RVHS said...

Hey Jeremy! It's interesting how much you like to read the newspaper and the benefits of reading the newspaper are endless! I feel that I should cultivate that good habit of your too.

Kian Boon Tan said...

Hey Zi jun! It is intersting to see how you think NCC has provided you with many benefits and why you find it fun as well. I also like reading the Harry Potter series as I think that the author has done a very good job with the plot line of the book. Continue doing what you love and I hope that you will ascend to greater heights in NCC!