Introduction: Ji Ze & Kian Boon

My name is Li Jize from class 3I, previously from 2G, and I am 15 years old. My CCA is NCC and I like it a lot as I have made many friends through the CCA sessions. I enjoy playing games on the iPad and on the laptop, as well as going out with friends on trips around Singapore. I tend to not communicate in class, but when I will talk with close friends more when class is over. Since my grades are quite pathetic, I really want to work harder this year and achieve better results.

Kian Boon:
My name is Tan Kian Boon from 3I in the year 2016, and was from class 2J the previous year. Some of my hobbies include reading, playing online games with friends and going out on trips to areas of singapore when we get bored at home. My cca is NCC and I love it. It offers many interesting and exciting activities to participate in along with many leadership roles. I also like it for my friends that I have gained through the cca, as we have a lot in common and love to go in adventures together outside of school. For this year, I hope to acheive better results, particularly in chinese and maths, as I am wet weak in those subjects. I will acheive this by working harder and ensuring that I recap the information consistently throughout the year to ensure that I do not fall behind in studies and that I will perform well for my tests and exams. 


Jiang ZY said...

Hi,KianBoon, nice to meet you. I like to play online games too (probably what most boys like to do when they are free).Reading is truly one of the best way to spend free time. Hope that you will achieve excellent results in this year.

Adon Yap said...

Haha Ji Ze me too! I also enjoy to game in my free time, normally on my ipad or phone. My results were also quite bad last year so I hope that i will do much better this time. Lets wish each other luck and hope that we can reach our academic goals :)