2015 news: Jayme & Rong Yan

Link to news: Singaporeans around the world celebrate SG50

Summary: In 2015, Singaporeans all over the world came together to celebrate SG50. Even Singaporeans who are in other countries during that period of time gathered together in the different countries and celebrated SG50 with the local people in that country. Events were held on the 9th August to celebrate Singapore's Golden Jubilee year.

Opinion: In my opinion, I think that was worth the hype and celebration and definitely worth to be on  the front cover of TIME magazine. As the years went by, Singapore transformed and improved in many different ways, whether it's our society or economic. It is definitely an occasion that is worth celebrating. Singaporeans should be proud of this occasion, and meanwhile also be appreciative of what we have now as Singapore went through many problems and difficulties to come to where we are now. It's a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, and this Golden Jubilee Year was definitely a moment that's worth remembering in the history of Singapore.

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