Self introduction- Amalyn and Adon

My name is Amalyn Leong. I was originally from an all girls primary school (CHIJ). For the first two years in primary school I was in ballet, the next two I was in girl guides, the last two I was in a tennis school team. In secondary one, I joined choir as I was never given a chance to sing in Primary School. An interesting fact about me is that I was an Av Monitor for 6 years (primary 3- secondary 2). However, I have decided to become a treasurer this year instead as I wanted to try something new.

Adon: Well, to start a simple introduction of myself, I am Adon Yap and I was from 2I last year. I am better at my mathematics and sciences than my languages and humanities. I definitely also hope that I will become more vocal and open with people I do not know well. My hobbies are swimming and cycling, or anything related to sports, and I enjoy gaming too. I might be a bit forgetful occasionally about homework and end up leaving a sour impression on my teachers, which is something I try very hard not to. I hope that in time to come, I will be able to do better in my languages and humanities, excelling in my maths and science at the same time.


Mei Xuan said...

Hi Amalyn! Wow so you have been in girl guides before? I didn't know that. Glad to know you have experience in my current CCA. :D

Nicholas GOH Jun Xian said...

Hi adon, i never knew you enjoyed gaming.:)