Introduction: WeiNing & Keefe

Introduction: Keefe& WeiNing

Hi im weining from class 3I, my formal class was 2F and i really love this class. I am from badminton and this is my seventh year in this sport. I cant exactly say i love the game, but it does keep give me the sense of accomplishment every time i complete a day worth of training. And i had double ccas in primary school, one being badminton and the other being girls brigade, i currently am still serving as an anchor in this cca, and its my ninth year already. What i do during my free time is just to laze around all day, and looking through social media to catch up on what I have missed.

Hi my name is keefe from 3I, my former class was 2F as well. I'm in the basketball cca and I too have been playing basketball for 7 years. I'm not exactly sure how I picked up the hobby of basketball, I'm pretty confident that it was instinct and being able to stick to basketball for 7 years, I think that definitely shows how much I love this sport. I like to go out and have a little bit of exercise by playing basketball or simply watching variety shows and laze around during my free time. Although I have a habit of procrastinating, I still try my best to be organized and finish what I have to before doing what I want to.

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Amalyn Leong said...

Hi Wei Ning, so cool that you had double cca!