Shaomin & Zeyu

Introduction: Shao Min and Zeyu.
Shao Min:
My name is Shao Min and I was from class 2H. I have 2 older brothers and my CCA is volleyball. I like to play soccer during my free time. I have been playing soccer since primary 1 so I've played it for almost 8 years plus.My favorite color is white but I do like black as well. My favorite food is lamb steak although my family members do not like the taste of lamb.

Zeyu:  My name is Zeyu. I was from 2C last year and my CCA is St John. My favorite color is green and my favorite food is Chicken Rice. I enjoy playing video games and I have been playing the piano since primary 2. My favorite, also my strongest subject is physics, while my weakest is Chinese and Math


GuoHongyiRVHS said...

Hey Shao Min! Glad you remain committed to playing soccer for 8 years! Good luck for it and hopefully you can join Soccer as your CCA in the future!

Li Jize said...

Hey Zeyu! I didn't know you play the piano, that's really news to me! And I also enjoy playing video games as well, so I'm interested to know what types of games you generally play! And since you are weak in Chinese and Mathematics, I hope you do work hard to pull your grades up for those two subjects!