Introduction: Xinyi&Sileng

      My name is Hao Xinyi, I'm 15 years old this year. I was from class 2E last year and myCCA is Floorball. I have one older sister and brother. I'm from China and came to singapore at the age of 7. I really like to sleep in my free time.

       My name is Sim Si Leng, I'm 14 years old and I'm a returning Singaporean from China. I like to watch TV series and sing. At the same time I also like to analyze the motive and intentions for those characters behave because I love psychology. I love all things about Korea including singers, culture and language. I would love to make friends with people who can have common interests like me.


Audrey Yeo RVHS said...

Hello Si Leng! Welcome back to Singapore! :) I also think that psychology is very interesting and I am into Kpop too! Let's get to know each other better!

~+*Liaw Xin Yan*+~ said...

Hi si leng! My brother is into psychology a lot too thus he watches shows like "House". I'm into kpop as well and learning Korean. Hope that we can become better friends!