2015 News: Xinyan and Meixuan

South Pole explorer dies in record attempt
Henry Worsley, a 55-year-old British ex-army officer and veteran polar explorer, has died in his attempt to become the first person in history to cross the Antarctic continent solo, unsupported, and unaided. Worsley was attempting to complete the route proposed by Ernest Shackleton during the ill-fated Endurance expedition, which celebrates its centennial this year. He had been on the ice alone for 71 days, covering 913 miles, and was suffering from exhaustion, dehydration, and severe stomach pains when he called for a rescue only 30 miles from his destination on the edge of the Ross Ice Shelf.
I feel that this article deserves on the front cover of the national geographic magazine. This was because his actions were honourable. He deserved people’s praises because he was brave enough to try and tackle such a challenge all by himself,without needing extra support or guidance despite his age. Many of us in the younger generation would fear to give new challenges a try. However, this man was daring, and would risk his life just for the sake of being able to break the records, and also, be an inspiration for many. However, I believe that there is a limit to how much one can push itself forward. When we realize that we will not make it before time, I think that we should just turn back and stop continuing the journey lest it fails. Failure could be the solution to our future problems but it could also be the end to our current problem. Thus, we should not push ourselves too far and cause damage to our body and health, such as resulting in death in some cases like these. Such bravery is worth praising but also a lesson to be learnt. There is no need to go this far in order to feel accomplished. Another thing that is worth mentioning is his attitude. He obviously knew that scaling a mountain himself, without extra support or guidance, would be a very hard thing to accomplish. He could have been like the rest of us, not daring to make the first step due to the difficulties that we know we would face due to us making the first move. However, he wanted to try something that people wouldn't try or even think of. This shows that he dares to fulfil his goal and not just be all talk and no action. This also shows that he is sincere and has passion towards pursuing his dream. This article will inspire people to be just like him and we could learn from him by going towards our goals no matter how hard they may seem in the beginning and knowing what obstacles we'll face. Through this, he also showed persistence as like what I've said above, even though he knew that he has a very Low chance of succeeding, he still wanted to make it as far as possible. This also acts as a source of motivation and inspiration for us as if he can bravely pursue his goal, why can't we do it too?

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