Nature reserves by Hongyi and Shao Min

I feel that we should not set aside land in Singapore for nature reserves. Recreational areas, such as parks and gardens, have replaced the need of nature reserves since people rarely visit it and would rather go to parks than nature reserves. Singapore aims to be a city in a garden, which means there will be plenty of greenery for us to enjoy. Additionally, the land taken up by nature reserves could be use for housing and development, which will be more often used by Singaporeans, therefore maximizing the use of space. As Singapore plans to have 6.9 million people by the year 2030, I believe that the space can be used for more houses to cater them, or more facilities for recreational purposes of Singaporeans. Nature reserves are not necessary as there are few native species in Singapore and the environment would not be affected a lot if they are removed. For example, there has been a debate concerning whether the Cross Island Line should go through the Central Catchment Nature Reserve or loop around it to protect it. By looping around it, it will serve more people in other areas and would be more convenient for commuters. In the conclusion, the benefits of using the specific area on housing and development than compared to using it for a nature reserve.

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