Valentine's Day : Royston and George

I agree with the writer that puppy love should be avoided. We should never let the passionate feelings from our first relationships benchmark our future relationships because every relationship is unique and different from one another. The chemistry we share with different individuals vary accordingly thus it would be wrong to expect the same from every relationship. Whenever we move one from a previous relationship , we should be let go completely, instead of continuously coming back to revisit the old memories that we shared with our ex-partners. Moreover, it would not be fair to the other party when we put our selfish demands over theirs. Most of the time, people invest most of their time and energy into their first relationships, thus whenever they have a second one, they expect the same from the other party. Unfortunately when the other party doesn't do so, they get the misconception that the other party does not love him/her as much as they do, eventually leading to an unfulfilling relationship. To conclude, there is nothing wrong with having a passionate first relationship , but we should never let that that relationship be the benchmark for future ones. 

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