RR Tourism by Zhuo Yun

I agree with the writer that tourism threatens to destroy a country's culture and environment and affect the local people.

Mass tourism causes a country to lose its social identity. On account of the modernized western business area, various countries endeavor to change their excursion spots to identify with western guests. As they change, their lifestyle is progressively being killed, making them lose their social identity. This along these lines makes the country over-promoted, making it an insignificant duplicate of its past self. The writer states that "historic buildings are getting demolished to make way for hotels aiming- among other things- to provide accommodation to visitors of "Historic Manila". This sentence is surprising as the voyagers are coming to Manila to be immersed into their critical society and history, yet they are tearing down their own identity with the desire that with more advanced domains, more tourists would come. In Singapore, such things in like manner do happen. Imperative structures, for instance, the old National Library, the National Theater, and the Sentosa Monorail. Without our prominent doodads, we will lose our identity, in this manner pulverizing our country.

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