RR Tourism by Amalyn

I agree that mass tourism threatens to destroy a country as it may cause the country to lose its cultural identity and may cause an adverse impact on biodiversity.

Mass tourism causes a country to lose its cultural identity. Due to the modernized western market, many countries try to change their tourist attractions to appeal to western tourists. As they change, their culture is slowly being erased, causing them to lose their cultural indentity. This in turn makes the country over-commercialized, making it a mere replica of its former self. The writer states that "historic buildings are getting demolished to make way for hotels aiming- among other things- to provide accomodation to visitors of "Historic Manila". " This sentence is ironic as the tourists are coming to Manila to be immersed into their historic culture and history, yet they are tearing down their own identity in hopes that with more commercialized areas, more tourists would come. In Singapore, such things also do occur. Historic buildings such as the old National Library, the National Theatre and the Sentosa Monorail. Without our historic artefacts, we will lose our identity, in turn destroying our country.

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