RR Tourism by WeiNing

          I agree with the writer's point of view as the country's environment suffers from negative impact such as the adverse impact of tourism on biodiversity. 

          Tourism leaves many traces on a country's environment; trash from tourism is significantly increasing over the years and this has caused a lot more land pollution for the country. The writer states that when coastal areas are converted into beach resorts, mangrove area and corals that serve as fish sanctuaries are damaged or even completely removed. Carbon emissions and air pollution also significantly increase as more air and land-based vehicles are needed to transport tourists from one destination to another. In comparison, Singapore has a high chance of more air pollution from all all carbon emissions from planes and land transport. Littering would be more as well, as tourists will have the mindset of "This is not my country". Another evidence would be the depletion of water resources in Singapore due to tourism. Wasting of water resources in the hotels like having bathtubs, laundry services and housekeeping services like frequent change of towels ad bed linen will contibute to shortage of ater in future, This further proves my view that the country's environment suffers negatively,including in Singapore, from tourism. 

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