RR Tourism by Adon

I do not agree that mass tourism only affects and threaten to destroy a country's culture and environment. Tourism is a major contributor to many countries economy. In the passage, the writer states that tourism in Philippines is an ubiquitous sector in Philippine's economy. In 2012 alone, tourism contributed to 6.0% to the country's Gross Domestic Product. It also creates 4 million jobs, which is 11.1% of the country's total employment. Tourism has a huge part in Philippines economy, and also provides a huge number of jobs, whether for locals or for foreigners. Hence, tourism is important for Philippines as without it, Philippines might have an economic crisis, and many people would be jobless. In singapore, we also depend heavily on tourism. As we are a tourist country, many people would visit singapore yearly and we gain a lot of revenue from this. We also have many tourist attractions in Singapore, hence, many jobs are made available so tourism indirectly supports the lifes of many.

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