RR Tourism by Jolene

I disagree with the writer's view that tourism threatens to destroy a country's culture and environment and affects the locals. 

Tourism brings about great economic wealth to a country. The writer states that tourism has come a long way in Philippines from 2000 to 2015, contributing 5.9% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the country and the industry has since created more than four million jobs for the locals, accounting for approximately 11.1% of the country's total employment. Philippines is heavily dependent on tourism for economic prosperity and this is evident from the large numbers of jobs it provides for the people as well as the large percentage of contribution towards the country GDP. Singapore is, too, one such country that counts on tourism for economic developments. Singapore is a tourist hotspot due to its diverse culture and geographical location. In Singapore, many facilities are being developed to meet the needs of tourists across all ages. Such facility include the Universal Studios and Marina Bay Sands. As the number of commercialized facilities increase, the number of jobs made available for the locals increases proportionately too. Much effort is being taken to make tourism Singapore's main pillar of economic wealth, therefore tourism does not threaten both Singapore and its people, but instead, allows us to benefit from it economically, in terms of the job employment opportunities in the industry and the high revenues that can be collected from it. 

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