RR Tourism by Kian Boon

I agree with the author's view as Tourism can greatly impact the country's environmental state and cultural history, from events for tourism such as the clearing of land for infrastructure growth, sometimes even clearing historical buildings in the process.

Firstly, tourism can leave a great impact on the country's biodiversity. The writer states that resort developments are often allowed by NGOs or citizen groups, even as they cause great harm and suffering to the environment in the process of doing so. In addition, due to the popularity of beach resorts, many mangrove areas and corals that serve as important habitats for fish and marine life get destroyed in the process, further damaging the ecosystem. The increase in air and land vehicles from tourism also lead to air pollution, damaging the air quality of the country. In singapore, the problem of clearing land is more noticeable, as singapore has a much smaller land space, thus it would be harder to conserve land space while trying to boost the country's economy. Singapore also has air pollution problems, but they are currently trying to implement measures to fix it and reduce the number of cars on the road, such as the ERP. This shows that the effects of trying to increase the revenue on tourism are very detrimental to a country's ecosystem, even though the countries are trying to implement measures to try and stop this destruction, land still has to be cleared to make way for the production of revenue. Thus, I agree with the author that tourism threatens to destroy a country's environment.

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