RR Tourism by Xin Yan

I disagree with the writer that mass tourism threatens to destroy a country's culture and environment and affect the local people.

Tourism brings about modernization and economic prosperity to Singapore. This is due to the increase in money earned from other countries in exchange for goods and services by international travellers coming in to the country to trade. They pay a higher price for goods and souvenirs, thus contributing greatly to visitor spendings when more tourists visit. As the number of tourist visiting gradually increase, more roads and hotels must be built to encompass the increase in human population of Singapore, hence modernizing the country. The writer states that Philippine tourism has become an ubiquitous sector in the Philippine economy. During the past five years, earnings from visitor spending have continually increased. In 2012 alone, it contributed 60% to the country's Gross Domestic Product. In Singapore's context, Singapore is constantly evolvi​ng to stay compelling and remain relevant as a tourist destination. New developments like the Integrated Resorts and events like the world’s first Formula One night race have been added to the tourism landscape, along with perennial favourites such as Sentosa and the Night Safari, making Singapore one of the top leisure destinations in Asia. This shows that the developments in Singapore allows it to quickly emerge as one of the top destinations for tourism, while tourism also continues to support its development in return. This brings locals more job opportunities, economic wealth to many companies and likewise, allow Singapore to continuously develop itself. Therefore, tourism does not threaten a country and its locals, but in turn brings monetary profits to the country through visitor spendings, and modernization through development. 

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