RR Tourism by Jize

I agree with the writer that mass tourism threatens to destroy a country's culture and environment, along with affecting the local people.

Mass tourism threatens the biodiversity of a country and can affect the environment of the country. More infrastructures would have to be built for tourism purposes, developing more hotels, entertainment centres and restaurants. Land will be needed for the construction of these facilities, resulting in forests being cleared and natural habitat conversions. With forests and natural habitats being cleared and converted for tourism purposes, not only will flora be affected, animals will too be affected with them losing their natural habitats in the process, as stated in the passage, biodiversity is endangered with resort developments, causing mangrove areas and corals being destroyed, which would mean the decrease of mangroves as well as fishes, due to the corals serving as fish sanctuaries. More transport would also have to be used to cater to the large amount of tourists. Like in the case of Singapore, 17 million people visited Singapore in 2015. More public transport are deployed on the road, including 750 new buses, resulting in there bing more carbon emissions, affecting the environment.

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