Zeyu&Shao Min

We agree that it is essential for children with disabilities to be integrated into our mainstream Education system.
Some people think that children with disabilities need the guidance of teachers specially trained to help children with special needs.They feel that teachers in mainstream schools will not be able to attend to the needs of these children with disabilities, leading to mire ineffective teaching. Some Teachers that are not aware that a specific student has ADHD might end up punishing him or her for something he did not do on purpose, and is solely the result of his condition.
However, the fact that children with disabilities are treated as normal children could help them adapt to the society and will therefore be more accepted. "The early years offer a special opportunity to foster development gains in children, as 80% of the brains capacity develops before the age of 3. The gains are highest for those with maximum disadvantage," a 2009 policy brief by the UNESCO states. Therefore children with disabilities should be put into mainstream education by the age of 3 so as to ensure their brain develops to their full potential. The fact that they are disabled will cause them to learn slower. However this should not be a reason for them to be removed from mainstream education as they should still be given a chance to learn alongside normal children and be given equal chances when stepping into the society.

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