Disability by Royston and George

  In many workplaces nowadays, disabled people are not given the same opportunities as compared to someone who is more fortunate and blessed. At times, when they work, their employers, or customers disapprove of the way they carry out their tasks, thus lesser and lesser of them would actually be employed. For example, a person with autism would not be aware of his/her surroundings and may ignore social cues. Even if the customer does want it, they may still do it anyway, much to their frustration. Yet, I find that they should be integrated into our society, starting with mainstream education since young. 

They are misunderstood, and just like what the president of Society for the Physically Disabled, Ms Chia said "A disability is not caused by a medical condition per se . A person is disabled because there are external and internal barriers that impede his development and participation in the community, " We should embrace them, and seek to empathize and accept them, and we can all start by integrating them into our Mainstream Education. Just because of the fact that they are disabled does not mean that they are not as good as the other "normal" students. In fact, based on many news reports, the disabled seem to be more passionate and determined to study and excel in their various areas, be it work or play. That itself is enough. If the students are willing to learn and have an insatiable hunger for knowledge, it is up to the teacher to "feed" them. Everybody should be given an equal chance and opportunity in education, and whether they succeed is up to themselves. So I strongly believe and agree that disabled people should be integrated into our mainstream education, as we are all equal, and they definitely should be treated as so. 

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