Disability by Jize and Kian Boon

It would be tough for the Teachers taking care of the students it children with disabilities were to be integrated into our mainstream education system. For example, a primary school teacher who had declined to be named said in a newspaper article: "If there are too many of such children in a class, it is unfair to expect Teachers to be able to cope." In addition, parents have also claimed that their children require more assistance in terms of their learning due to their disabilities. From these two pieces of evidence, it can be clearly seen that children with disabilities should not be integrated into our mainstream education system due to their disabilities. This would only bring disruption to the classroom as the Teachers have to cope with one student with a disability in the class, while still focusing on the other students. In addition, it would be better to send students with disabilities to other schools as the Teachers there are formally trained to look after them, something which is quite redundant for mainstream Teachers to go through due to one or two students that they have to cater to. Thus, streaming them into special schools would help develop their potential to the fullest as well as remove the stress from mainstream schools Teachers as well as the disruption to the class that they would bring.
However, students with disability should still be integrated into mainstream school systems. Yes, children with disabilities should be mainstreamed because improves academically, socially, and improve their self esteem. They will have a fair chance at getting a look into the real world. It helps them become socially active and helps build them for success. Mainstreaming them pushes them harder and drive them success, makes them feel confident. Some special needs are severe- some are not. If the child can even halfway keep up with their typical peers then why should they be denied the opportunity to try? Many cases of special needs improve greatly when they are able to see good examples of behavior and communication modeled by their peers. Students with disabilities should be integrated into the mainstream education system in order for them to learn properly, as well as the general education students. If special needs students are totally segregated from the general education kids, they will not learn how they are supposed to handle real life situations. They would not learn what is proper and improper to do in certain situations.

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