Disability by Jeremy and Zi jun

Question: It is essential for children with disabilities to be integrated into our mainstream education system. DYA

We disagree with the statement. We feel that it is not essential for them to be integrated. Many people may argue as they feel that we should allow children with disabilities to be integrated into the mainstream education system because despite having disabilities, the children are still valuable assets to the society. Having disabilities does not mean that a person is less incompetent to someone who does not have disabilities. For example, many people are willing to hire people with disabilities as they are generally more focused and hardworking when doing their tasks. It would also actually be very mean of people to segregate people with disabilities away from those who do not and isolate them by not allowing them to be integrated into our mainstream education. There are many people with disabilities out there who despite them having disabilities, do not wanted to be seen and treated as someone special who needs special attention. Therefore, many people feel that we should not be treating the handicapped as such. One such example is Mr Low Quan Jing. Despite having autism, he still works at professor brawn cafe. Everyday, he arrives punctually to work and will not leave and kitchen until all his assigned tasks are completed. Despite having disabilities, Mr Low did not see himself as a handicapped. Instead, he had a positive attitude and did all his work diligently as he felt that he was not special. Therefore, people with disabilities are valuable assets to the society and should be treated as one by allowing them to be integrated into our mainstream education system so that they can be educated to get a decent job in the future.
However, we disagree. There are many problems that will eventually arise by allowing people with disabilities to integrate into our mainstream education system. One of the major problems is that to accommodate the handicapped, much money would be needed to train the people to become professionals so that they know the right way to handle and teach the students. There would be many considerations that one has to take note of when planning to allow the students with disabilities to mix with the normal students. The handicapped may also be mocked at by both teachers and students simply because they learn slower than the rest of his peers. They may also isolate the people with disabilities, causing them to feel depressed because of the lack of friends and they may grow to hate school and the world. They may also hate themselves as well. One example is in the case of Ms Tan, whose 12 year old son has auditory processing order. Teachers try to help him but they do not understand his condition and they will complain the parents. This shows that there are many challenges present if the people with disabilities are integrated into the mainstream education system. This would not be very useful and it would be better to have a separate school for the handicapped.

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