Disability by Keefe&WeiNing

I agree that students with disabilities should be integrated to the mainstream student education. This is because in the society, adults with disabilities are still required to learn to adapt, no one will be there to offer a helping hand to them and thus it is essential for students to learn to be independent from a young age, in order to pursue excellence in the future. These students however, require special attention and in some cases have special needs. These students with learning disorders are at a high of 2.7%, this shows that with 2.7% of the students having learning disorders being integrated, there would also be an increase in the number of teachers needed therefore there would be a lack in the number of teachers available.

Although many argue that students with disabilities should not be streamed into normal academies due to safety issues for both the student with disability and the remaining cohort. However MOE has taken the initiative to train more teachers and better prepare these teachers to help these special students in learning to the best of their ability. With the help of MOE training more specialised teachers, the pack in manpower would be solved and parents could play a big part in ensuring that their child receives the proper education from trained teachers.

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