Disability by Hongyi & Matthew

I agree that it is essential for students with disabilities to be integrated into our mainstream education system. Some might argue that by doing so, students with no learning disabilities are learning together with students without disabilities, and they are forced to learn at the same pace as them, and this might affect their learning. There could be smarter students that wish to learn at a faster rate, but this is hindered by the students with learning disabilities. By segregating disabled children from the rest of their counterparts in schools, it would inevitably cause them to feel that they are different and 'abnormal' from their peers, and in worse cases feel that they are of less importance to the society. Severe emotional distress is brought unto the disabled children, and ought not to feel this way. Integrating them into our mainstream education system would no doubt rectify their already traumatized emotions, with the help of their peers in school. Knowing that they can be learning alongside with other children would be a great emotional aid and support to the disabled children.

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