Disability by Xin Yan & Mei Xuan

T2W8 Read the 3 articles & write 1 para (counterargument & rebuttal) to address this Qn: It is essential for children with disabilities to be integrated into our mainstream education system. DYA?

Stand: Agree

Some people may argue that these children with special needs and disabilities are not as developed in their abilities, making it harder for them to learn in a normal setting such as in our mainstream education system. If they were to be in our mainstream education system, they would not be able to catch up or understand at the same pace as the other students. This would then affect them in the long run. Thus, it is essential for them to be placed in a school specially suited for them, with trained personnel who know the best way to stretch their learning. Furthermore, with them socialising with people of about the same ability as them, they would not feel any discrimination as compared to if they were to be in the mainstr an education system. A 45-year-old homemaker, who wished to be known as Ms Hui, spoke of the challenges she had faced since her son, now 14, was diagnosed with dyslexia seven years ago. He was labelled as “slow and stupid” by classmates and teachers, she said. This shows that if children with special needs are integrated into our mainstream education system, they would be criticised by other children, thus it is better for them to be in a education system that would suit them more.

However, I believe that this may not be a problem as most of them are hardworking students. Even though they may study at a slower pace, maybe due to their disabilities, they are not mentally weak. As long as they have the right attitude to study, they can pay attention during lesson and be detailed in their work, which will allow them to catch up with the other students and become part of their whole. They will not be shunned and this could change their lives forever, when they realize that they have the ability to learn like any other child. Not only that, other students who are faster than them can aim to help them out with their work, pushing them forward to greater success. In fact, aesthetics products distributor Dione International director Clara Chng said that based on her own experience, she enjoys working with foreign workers because of their focus, loyalty and can-do attitude. This shows that despite their differences, people can still get along well, and also their appearance do not matter as long as they have the moral values and motivation to strive for a better future. It is the power of their own to control the future they have, no matter the school they go to. As long as they are hardworking, they can always catch up to their studies. Hence, I agree that it is essential for children with disabilities to be integrated into our mainstream education system.

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