News on Education by Jize and Kian Boon


As current education systems focus more on content standards, curriculum and teaching strategies, it can be easy to forget our big goals for education, such as giving students tools to deepen their understanding of the world. Although some Teachers are trying to discuss metacognition with students, they often do it wrong, by only getting students to think about thinking. However, we need to allow students to do direct thinking, to question their own thinking, rather than monitoring thinking, in which students actually do not understand what they are thinking about. Thus, we need to have a rich meta strategic base for our thinking, such that we can become more independent learners. Educators can assist in this by forming routine structures for thinking, having a period of time in every class to allow the students to conduct their own thinking into their learning.

Students should be allowed to question their way of thinking, such that they can better understand why they are thinking in such a way. Students should not be forced into thinking in one specific manner, so that they can think in their own different ways for learning and not restricted to just one way of thinking. Educators should definitely allow students to think strictly on their own, to solve problems with their own thinking, not giving them a certain way to think. This can greatly help in the deepening of students' thinking about everything as they will be able to get creative with their own ways of thinking.

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