Education news by Amalyn and Adon


  Sexist bullying can affect girl's subject choices and make it harder for them to believe they can achieve. Girls are faced with multiple pressures, such as being brainy, feminine, attractive, etc. In our increasingly image-obsessed society, it is not surprising that girls feel under pressure to maintain idealised personas but what they look like is only one very small part of who they are.

  I feel that it is morally wrong to prototype a girl to be feminine only when she is not brainy, or at least acts not to be one. There is nothing wrong for a girl to be smart and express her own opinions in class, as everyone deserves the freedom and right to speak up, whether in class, in their workplace or even in front of the entire world. Some boys might say that brainy girls are not feminine just so that those girls will try not to share their answers, and this allows the boys to have more opportunities than the girls to shine in class, by getting rid of some competition. However, this is very disrespectful towards the girls as it is saying all girls are not supposed to be smarter than boys, and that the boys are looking down on the girls. I feel the girls should not be affected by whatever those sexist boys say, and they should focus their attention on studying instead. They need not feel ashamed to share their views, and there is no need to be fazed by whatever the boys say. In fact currently all around the world, women are starting to have more power and say. They hare able to get better jobs and some of them even show their faces in the political stage, no longer just men. This proves that girls in school    should not feel inferior, as they everyone, no matter what gender, all have equal chances to be better.

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