Education news by Erika&Audrey

Summary: The society for the prevention of cruelty to animals (SPCA) agree that more can be done in terms of legistration, education and awareness to raise the standard of animal welfare in Singapore. They strongly encourage adopting of pets instead of buying. The SPCA has also been conducting educational talks at schools and other organizations for more than 30 years. In 2014 , MOE included the animal welfare as the new character and citizenship education. This initiative is to inculcate a respect for animals in our young, leading to more responsible behavior in terms of acquiring and keeping pets, and towards those animals that share the environment with us.

Opinion:According to my research, there is an approximate number of 9,300 abandoned pets per year in Singapore and it is found the the number is bound to increase each year. I find it amusing and ironic that more and more people are becoming a vegan or vegetarian claiming that they refuse to be cruel to animals but judging by the increase in abandoned pets caused me to doubt people's intentions. There are many ways that we can help with pet homelessness, even the smallest and simplest actions make a difference. For example. as can make it compulsory for all animal shelters or pet shops to micro-chip their pets before they are brought back home by adopters. Adopters must make sure that they update their pet identification tags and only choose to adopt a pet if they plan to care them for the remainder of their lives. I hope people can raise more awareness for the abandoned pets in Singapore and all over the world. 

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