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This article is about children as young as the age of six are stressed over exams and tests. It tackles the mental health of children nowadays, starting from as young as six who gave in to self harm and suicide. Of 420 ATL members who responded to a poll, almost half said children in their school had self-harmed - and 89% said testing was the main source of stress.
Some staff said they were aware of pupils attempting suicide - and 18 of these were in primary schools.

Opinion :
I believe that having tests and exams are an essential part of education as it gives students a good gauge of their abilities and how to improve they studying habits as well. However it becomes something harmful instead when students receive too much pressure from wanting to do well and not disappoint others. Having exams are a good thing, but having too many exams in too short a period of time will result in stress and when the stress is such that students can't take it anymore, it may result even in fatality.

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